Touching Spirit Presents -

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Mediumship Demonstration

Reservations Required

Seating is Closed

11:30 a.m.

Sheila Lynch, Psychic Medium

Sheila Lynch is a well-known Psychic Medium from the NH/MA area. Sheila's grandmother was instrumental in cultivating her interest in the metaphysical world by teaching her how to read the Tarot, and to this day, she still has her grandmother's Ouija Board. 

Sheila's background is very different from most mediums, however, in that she did not have the gift of mediumship at an early age. It wasn't until her mother passed on Christmas Eve in 2003, that Sheila began to get messages from the "other side." Sheila intuitively knew the messages were coming from her mother, and over the past 10 years, has been able to consistently bring in evidential messages to people who have lost loved ones.

Sheila has retired from professional reading, but will share her special gift at this event.


1:00 p.m.

Annalise Hayer, Spiritual Medium

After several years of studying in both the US and England, Annalise is now sharing her gifts professionally. 

She has always known that the Spirit world existed, yet it wasn't until she began connecting with people who have passed over that she understood the profound healing and guidance they have to share. 

It is with joy and humility that she communicates with the Spirit world so that those in this world may be touched by the love from those on the other side.